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Get the funds you need to properly to restore your roof.

Do you qualify for a NEW Roof?

We Use Only Top-Quality Products for Your Home

If you’ve experienced storm damage to your property, Roof Xpress can help, of course. That’s what we do! We’ll dispatch our roofing pros to your damaged property, quickly.  Roof Xpress will conduct a careful inspection, and provide information about the scale of your damage, what insurance can cover, and how we can fix the damage to your business as quickly as possible.

Guiding you through the Claims Process

When unexpected damage occurs to your roof and it’s time to file a claim with your insurance provider, Roof Xpress can guide you through the process to ensure you receive the adequate amount of funds to properly restore your roof. 

If you have been impacted by an event covered by homeowners insurance take these steps:

What About Manufacturers’ Warranties?

Warranties differ from insurance.  A warranty normally comes with the products or service you buy. It’s often built into the cost, while an extended warranty might be sold separately.  Warranties usually cover defects and abnormal wear. They do not cover the cost of repair or replacement if your roof issues were caused by severe weather, other acts of nature, or by accident. That’s where your homeowners insurance comes in.  Let Roof Xpress help you get through the process!

Do you qualify for a NEW Roof?